Mother’s Day is a day that we express our sincere thanks to our mother. It first started from ancient Greek, then the Americans decided that the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day.

On this special day, the mothers will receive presents from their children. The gifts could be anything. It is a way that the children show their love and care to their mothers.

As students, we don’t have too much money to buy expensive gifts for our mothers, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to express our thanks to them. We can do something,too.

I have a few suggestions. For example, you can make a breakfast for your mother, or make a card for her. You can also do some cleaning to reduce mother’s pressure.

We can use our lucky money to buy a single carnation. What’s more, we can turn to fathers for help, I think our fathers will be willing to give us some help about what to do on Mother’s Day.

The chief thing to remember is that Mother’s Day is aimed to spend more time with our mother, and appreciate what she has done for the whole family.

I think every mother is great, and everybody should do something to let our mothers know that we love her.

Happy Mother’s Day!









The day before Mother’s Day, everybody around me was talking about what gifts they would buy to their beloved mothers. Buying flowers is what most students will do, others buy chocolates.

While for me, I want to do something different, as I live in school and can’t go back home on Mother’s Day, I decide to make a call to her, sending her my warmest wishes.

I am so nervous now and have no idea what to say. I search the Internet for some suggestions. It is very useful for me. Many wonderful words are presented in front of my eyes. I read them one by one.

As I decide to copy these words, suddenly I feel there is no meaning for saying someone else’s words. So I give up, I will tell my mother that I love her and thank her for the things she has done for me.






In the early morning, my sister went out and brought home a bunch of pretty flowers. Right after my mother got up out of bed, we said "Happy Mother's ! " to her and gave her the flowers. My mother was very happy; she smiled and said,"How wonderful the flowers look! Thank you!”

Also, we told her we were going to do all the housework for our beloved mother, and she could take a rest for a day. In the beginning, we were excited about all the work we can do at home. Before long, we found that the housework seemed to be endless. There was cooking and washing, and cleaning to do, and there was shopping to do, too.   

During the dinner hour, the kitchen seemed so busy. My father was making a salad. My sister was baking a pie for dessert, and I was washing rice and vegetables. There were still many other things to do. Finally, the dinner was ready; it was two hours behind the usual schedule. The food was not as delicious as my mother's.   

Nevertheless, my mother and father enjoyed it, and felt very proud of their daughter and son.